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New SSDT Basic only for Intel 600/700 and Amd AM5


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Hi everyone, these days I thought about making a basic ssdt for the intel 600 and 700 series and therefore for the 12th and 13th gen of cpu and also for the new amd AM5 series.

inspired by the works of@Gengik84 And@foskvs i tried to edit a ssdt basic only for the generations mentioned above.


this ssdt for intel 600/700 series contains :

  • ssdt plug alt 
  • ssdt ec
  • ssdt usbx
  • ssdt pmc
  • ssdt awac
  • fix to turn off EC0 if found in acpi origin
  • Fix to turn off unsupported igpu (kext WhateverGreen is required)
  • usbw fix for 1 touch wake up (need kext USBWakeFixup.kext)


this ssdt for AMD AM5 contains  :

  • ssdt cpur 
  • ssdt ec
  • ssdt usbx
  • fix to turn off EC0 if found in acpi origin
  • Fix to turn off unsupported igpu (kext WhateverGreen is required)
  • ubw fix for various usb controllers for 1 touch wake up (need kext USBWakeFixup.kext and on asus mb it works fine, on other mb it may not work on 1 touch)



I thanks @fabiosun And @tomnic for the tests carried out and for their patience 🙂 





for those who try it and want to report bugs or malfunctions, come forward and I will do my best to fix it.

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  • 10 months later...

Hi Lorys89,


I could use this AM5 Basic SSDT and replaced it for SSDT CPUR, SSDT EC, SSDT USBX and SSDT IGPU DISABLE. It worked perfectly.


Also your post on DSDT patch for newer BIOS for AM5 motherboard did fix the issue for me from failed boot-up.



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