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  1. Tanti auguri, buone feste a tutti!
  2. ...notti insonni... 🤪
  3. Ciao Codesto è uno slot M2, la scelta di schede native si è ridotta quindi Broadcom BCM94360NG
  4. Release v0.8.3 Added ext4 file system driver Added support for macOS 13 DP3 Kernel Collection Added --force-device option to AudioDxe, allowing UEFI audio on HDA contollers which misreport themselves as non-HDA audio devices Provided optional unsafe fast file logging (suitable only for firmware with a fully compliant FAT32 driver) Fixed incorrect OSBundleLibraries_x86_64 handling during cacheless injection Changed RsaTool not to link against system ssl on macOS Fixed crash during cacheless injection when kext blocking is enabled Removed default codec connection delay from AudioDxe Added optional --codec-setup-delay argument to AudioDxe Changed units of Audio -> SetupDelay from microseconds to milliseconds (divide previous value by 1000 if using this setting) Fixed incorrect FAT binary slice being selected under macOS 10.4.11 when performing a cacheless boot Fixed rare assertion caused by label animation initialisation in OpenCanopy Added --show-csr option for Toggle SIP boot menu entry Added macOS 10.4 and 10.5 support to AllowRelocationBlock Booter quirk Added CPU cache info injection for macOS 10.4 to ProvideCurrentCpuInfo quirk Added emulated NVRAM driver for use separately from OpenDuet Added support for NVRAM reset and set default boot entry when using emulated NVRAM Upgraded emulated NVRAM logout script to allow unsupervised installation of recent macOS OTA updates Added Driver -> LoadEarly for drivers which need to be loaded before NVRAM init
  5. la efi aggiornala prima (bootloader e kext) e prova da usb avviando l'attuale sistema, se è tutto ok prova a installare Ventura NOTA: su Ventura non serve installare python, apple l'ha reinserito in versione 3.8.x 😅
  6. ma perchè hai installato sia il 2.7 sia il 3xx? hai fatto un bel po' di caos 😄 vedi se risolvi RunMe_Downloader.zip
  7. which python adesso cosa ti dice?
  8. Release v0.8.2 Fixed AppleCpuPmCfgLock on macOS 13 Fixed DummyPowerManagement on macOS 13 Updated builtin firmware versions for SMBIOS and the rest Added macOS 13 support for AvoidRuntimeDefrag Booter quirk Added injected kext bundle version printing in DEBUG builds Added Linux compatibility for CreateVault scripts
  9. Vero vero 😂 Mi sa di bug Apple quel problema o comunque speriamo lo sia....
  10. @antuneddu startosinstall ci ho installato su altro disco le beta di El capitan 😅 Fu introdotto li se non ricordordo male, poi perfezionato da Apple su High Sierra dove aggiunsero il supporto per evitare la conversione a apfs che al tempo era veramente penoso. --converttoapfs=no Opzione poi rimossa nel sistema successivo
  11. Dell'audio non ricordo sinceramente se modificai qualcosa o meno ma non mi sembra
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