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percorsi predefiniti


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potresti provare con un alias in stile linux.




e nella documentazione ufficiale ne fa qualche riferimento:

Update your path


You can update your PATH variable for the current session only at the command line, as shown in Get the Flutter SDK. You’ll probably want to update this variable permanently, so you can run flutter commands in any terminal session.




The steps for modifying this variable permanently for all terminal sessions are machine-specific. Typically you add a line to a file that is executed whenever you open a new window. For example:




Determine the directory where you placed the Flutter SDK. You will need this in Step 3.


Open (or create) $HOME/.bash_profile. The file path and filename might be different on your machine.


Add the following line and change [PATH_TO_FLUTTER_GIT_DIRECTORY] to be the path where you cloned Flutter’s git repo:








Run source $HOME/.bash_profile to refresh the current window.


Verify that the flutter/bin directory is now in your PATH by running:

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"fabio8v" post_id="39534" time="1564421399" user_id="166">

supponi che faccia una cartella 'flutter' sotto documenti'...apro il terminale e digito 'flutter'...se non specifico il percorso con la variabile path appare il messaggio 'command not found'


prova così

[code]echo 'PATH=$PATH:~/Users/tuo_Users/Documents/flutter_eseguibile' >> ~/.bash_profile


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quello è per esportare la posizione dell'eseguibile


se poi non funziona lui stesso è altro discorso


poi mettiamo sia in documenti/flutter/bin e l'eseguibile è flutter


quando sei in quella cartella non devi scrivere flutter ma ./flutter

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