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Fix Bluetooth/AirDrop after wake from sleep


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Original Italian guide here from @Lorys89


You may wonder what this guide is for ?? !!

Well to solve a problem happening after wake up the system from sleep, I don't dwell and start to expose the solution.


For months some users with the new build AM5 in which they mount the wifi/bt card Fenvi bcm94360ng "native" complain the problem that at the wake airdrop does not work and they have to turn the Bluetooth off and then on ,and I, with the semi-native broadcom dw1560 that I don't use airdrop but I use logitech keyboard and mouse in Bluetooth I have the problem that they didn't reconnect to wake immediately but after 75 seconds.

After the premise above on the net I found in the various issues also real macs with this problem that they solved at the wake by launching a terminal command:


sudo pkill bluetoothd


I read that it could be used https://formulae.brew.sh/formula/sleepwatcher To make that at each wake it automatically launched that command and I created this script :




how to use:

I recommend disabling the Gatekeeper from the terminal with the command :


 sudo spctl --master-disable


Download it and extract the folder on your desk

Open the terminal and type cd then press space and drag & drop the folder to the terminal window and press enter

Now drag & drop the install.sh file into the terminal  window and press enter, write your password on the prompt popup and press enter.

Done,  if you see to open a file click open

Restart and you will be gold 🙂


Let me know if it works for you.

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