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Weird audio problem


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Hello everyone , Sorry for my English in advance.

since 3 weeks I have been looking for a solution to my Audio problem until I landed up here , any help appreciated .

macOS Big Sur 11.2.1

CPU : AMD Ryzen 3960X
Motherboard : ASUS Zenith Extreme II (TRx40)

Audio codec: under USB3.1HUB \ USB2.0 SupremeFX S1220


If my PC powered off the Audio working fine no problems but when I restarted macOS the Audio gone along with it USB2.0 ports remaining only 1 USB2.0 port.

example :

when audio in Audio working state:

USB2.0 Audio device

USB2.0 Audio device

USB2.0 Audio device

USB2.0 Audio device

USB2.0 Audio device

USB2.0 Audio device


After restart macOS remains only one USB2.0 Audio device

USB2.0 Audio device 



Thanks in advance .



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hi @ddk

welcome here

may I ask to do a simple test?

try to disconnect audio jack from motherboard back plate and try to boot and reboot more times in this condition

If I have understood well your problem, you have the same problem all TRX40 users have with audio

To avoid it you have to connect output from case audio output and not directly to output audio on mb backplate


or, you have always boot or reboot without audio speaker connection and to connect it only after booting your pc


try and see if it is the same also for you

Thank you


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Thanks very much for your help I really appreciated,

actually the Audio jack was the problem, I removed the Audio jack and rebooted the Audio still there Oh my God I never expected that.

I will use the Case output from now until solution will be available.


Kind regards @fabiosun


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