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Hi,  I am David.  I have had many versions of hardware over the years.  My current Daily Driver is a 2009 cMP with dual 4c/8th 3.46GHz xeon cpus and 80 gigs of RAM.  Radeon RX 570 4gigs Graphics and a PCI-e SATA 3.0  with 6-ports. My project is an Asus x99-a main board with a i7-5820K 3.3 GHz (6c/12th) and a Corsair AIO.  I have 16 gigs of Corsair Ram and 16 gigs of I can't remember... sorry. I have a 256gb NVME drive, a 64gb  SATA ssd, 2 500gb SATA ssd's and 6 1-2 gb hdds in a hot swap bay in an external 5" bay.  I have a Radeon RX 580 8gb graphics.  Waiting on my Intel 4port gig NIC and using USB NIC's until then, all in a rack mount case I modified to hold the radiator outside on the top panel of the case.  Working to create a Proxmox Server that will run all my desires.  PFsense (working good, but not where I want it), Windows 10 (working), MacOS Mojave-Big Sur (not working yet).   Docker, LADP, DNS Server, Home Assistant, etc are all in the plans to work on this.  Also hopping to have a pxe boot server so all my computing stations in the house can be PXE boots...  Dreams are grand.

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