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MSI Rx5500XT, Opencore, Catalina


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Hi :)


I recently built my 1st ryzentosh running Opencore 0.6.1 and Catalina 10.15.6.

my rig:

AMD Ryzen 5 3600XT (CPU)

Asus TUF gaming X570 Plus (MB)

2x 16GB G.skill TridentZ 3600MHz (DDR4 RAM)

MSI Radeon rx5500XT mech 4g oc (GPU with 4GB gDDR6)

Seagate Firecuda 1TB M.2 NVME SSD


I also used Opencore for the 1st time and followed the install guides on Dortania to install Catalina.


Now I couldn't install with my MSI Rx 5500XT. Apparently this is a known bug for MSI 5000 series cards that is mentioned in the install guide (Dortania) so I swapped an Rx590, removed pikera mod, and finished the install.


I hoped the MSI 5500XT would work after Catalina is installed as mentioned here. It didn't. I was disappointed since 2 posts (including this one) in this thread mentioned that it should work once macOS loads from the SSD rather than the USB installer.


I tried applying the patch mention here in the guide as well. It didn't fix my problem. I was wondering if maybe this patch is specific for MSI 5700XT cards and wouldn't work for 5500XT cards (values in the patch would need to be different).


I guess I should follow the advice mentioned here (injecting ATY,Rom#). But I am not sure how to do it. I don't have a dual boot with windows on this machine to perform this.

And although this post mentions Opencore Configurator, the guide on Dortania specifies to stay away from any kind of automatic configurators...

I guess I should try gfxutil in recovery, as indicated here but I'm not sure how to use gfxutil in this case. I am not familiar with it.

I don't really know how to access gfxutil (located on the desktop) when I am in recovery (using bash). It seems different than the terminal in macOS.


Thus, I tried the following which didn't work. It was probably pushing my luck too far...


- While the Rx590 was into my rig:

a) install Opencore Configurator and added the GPU in DeviceProperties as described here. (I was hoping the value for "PciRoot..." and "AAPL,slot-name" would be the same no matter what card is present.). Then saved my config.plist

b) Since then my config.plist file could no longer be opened using ProperTree because of an error in line 206 (value for "model" of the GPU in DevceProperties). This remained no matter what I put here. Since then, I made subsequent modifications using TextEdit...

c) Added the patch for MSI 5000 series GPU in Kernel->Patch as described here and here.

d) Added "agdpmod=pikera" in boot-args

e) Shut down the PC


Then I replaced the Rx590 with the Rx5500XT


I tried to boot but I get the following message before drive selection in OpenCore:

"OCS: Failed to parse data field as blob with type boolean and <4154592C526F6D2300> contents, context <Replace>!"

"OCS: Failed to parse data field as blob with type boolean and <414D442C526F6D2300> contents, context <Replace>!"


Then boot continues through drive selection and then crashes while the apple logo is displayed (no progress bar). This time it didn't end with a black screen, though ;)


I guess this means that either I made a typo somewhere or the data that need to be found and replaced by the patch are not the good ones (maybe these work with MSI 5700XT cards but not with MSI 5500XT cards).


Any help here would be greatly appreciated.




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  • Support Team

Rifai il tuo config partendo dal sample delle release di OC che stai usando. Se propertree ti da errore nell'apertura config, qualcosa che non va vi è e si ripercuote su problematiche al boot


gfxutil è semplicemente un'utility per determinare i percorsi pci dei device, puoi usare system search di gengik che trovi in download


posta EFI che usi e che release di OC è


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