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Got to love destiny :D Ciao e Salve a tutti!


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Hello all, 



I would like to introduce myself, and introduce my vision. I have owned a Mac since 2008. My first Mac was a PowerMac G4. It was amazing, as it was much older than any Windows PC of its time, but it was way more stable, and it ran smooth as hell. Then I had a great job, and managed to buy a Mac Mini in 2012 with my first paycheck. Afterwards, I needed a laptop, and I sold the Mac Mini from 2012 and bought a Mid-2012 Macbook Pro. It served me well, and I wanted to upgrade. I initially planned on another Macbook Pro from 2020. Considering the price, especially for the specs that I thought were reasonable, it was way too much. I saw the Razer Blade 15, and I thought it would be a fine choice. What happened changed my mind entirely. I noticed the small form factor pc movement, and it revived in me the love of building pcs and the experience of using a desktop pc for games, music production and writing. I compared the specs of the Razer Blade 15 with a build that has way better parts than what the laptop has, and decided to build a desktop and to run a Hackintosh. 


During these turbulent times, I thought about this build for many months, planning and planning and planning. I made the plunge. Finally! I went with AMD because I like the challenge. My motherboard , a B550, does not run OSX bare metal. It got me thinking about Linux. Thinking about Linux got me thinking about the iServices and how to replace them. I discovered NextCloud. By the way of destiny, I discovered Promox. Finally, I can have all that I want to achieve and then some. an OSX desktop that kicks serious ass! 



Sorry about the length of this post. Thank you for having me! 

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