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Quick Look [Anteprima] per Windows


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Per i macachi che oltre ad usare macOS, Linux hanno magari in multiboot hanno anche windows 10, beh ora anche su questa piattaforma grazie a uno sviluppatore con una app open source è possibile avere l'anteprima in stile macOS.




687474703a2f2f706f6f692e6d6f652f51756963https://camo.githubusercontent.com/661a ... 6769663f33">https://camo.githubusercontent.com/661ab59069863b27dfad1ece554be0f276ab7a39/687474703a2f2f706f6f692e6d6f652f517569636b4c6f6f6b2f73616d706c652e6769663f33' alt='LINK_TEXT>'>




Typical usecase




Run QuickLook.exe (only necessary if autostart is disabled)


Select any file or folder (on the Desktop, in a File Explorer window, in an Open or Save-File dialogue, doesn't matter)


Press Spacebar


Enjoy the preview and interact with it


Preview next file by clicking on it or using arrow-keys (arrow-keys move selection in the background if the preview window is not in focus)


When you're done close it by either hitting Spacebar again, pressing Esc or clicking the ⨉ button






Hotkeys and buttons




Spacebar Show/Hide the preview window


Esc Hide the preview window


Enter Open/Execute current file


Mouse ↑ ↓ ← → Preview another file


Ctrl+Wheel Zoom in/out (images & pdf)


Wheel Increase/decrease volume




Home page: https://github.com/QL-Win/QuickLook#hotkeys-and-buttons">https://github.com/QL-Win/QuickLook#hotkeys-and-buttons




Download: https://github.com/QL-Win/QuickLook/releases">https://github.com/QL-Win/QuickLook/releases

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