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Non c'è il kext, la pagina dei download l'avevo già vista, tant'è che ho scritto che viene indicato con un colore diverso.


Ho già scaricato da github, ma nella cartella ci sono diversi files ma nessun kext

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Appena rilasciate nuove versioni di




IntelGraphicsFixup 125




Add basic automatic IGPU model detection if it is not set


Add IGPU device id correction (correct device-id should be set via device properties or ACPI


Add basic digital audio correction on (HDAU rename on Haswell and layout-id/hda-gfx where needed)


Add GFX0 -> IGPU automatic rename


Add MEI/HECI -> IMEI automatic rename


Add IMEI device id automatic correction on Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge


Add basic automatic AAPL,ig-platform-id injection (defaults to connector-less when AMD/NVIDIA is found)


Add GuC microcode loading on SKL (9.33) and KBL (9.39) in 10.13 (enabled via igfxfw=1 boot-arg)


Add igfxframe=frame boot-arg for framebuffer id injection in testing cases


Fix booting without -disablegfxfirmware boot argument on KBL GPUs


Fix compatibility with connector-less frames


Minor performance improvements




NvidiaGraphicsFixup 123




Add AAPL,slot-name injection


Fix HDEF layout-id detection

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