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Found 1 result

  1. Added on 01-08-2021 AMD Clover Vanilla patches Github: https://github.com/AMD-OSX/AMD_Vanilla/tree/clover I have converted only patches mandatory for my chipset and cpu.. you can follow the same schema in nomenclature definitions By the way ,some definitions in clover 5137 are not described well and I think must be update their nomenclature Also MAtchOs need some check and I hope devs will solve a very annoying bug for AMD users 🙂 MAtchOS is not perfect by now in my definition of this plist..but was useful to boot with a clean and also to update from 11.5 beta 4 I used the attached patch plist to install from scratch and then to update Only GoldFish64 patch has some definition problem in CLoverBootloader due Empty Find value (in verbose it prints out a not destructive error) I have also attached two debug log to see problem I have said before and also others job to do. 1)installation debug (GetOS Empty all patches applied.....😇 2) after installation is completed....GetOS detection works as it must do Thanks to patches-manager and creator 🙂 debug_pre inst_inst.zip opencore-2021-07-01-161751.txt.zip for lryzen friend (17h19h) pay attention on patch 43..I commented limit there 😉 thanks @iGPUfor Goldfish64 2F tip! 😉 ------ UPDATE 18-07-2021 https://www.macos86.it/topic/4913-amd-clover-bootloader-monterey-beta-1-installation-patches/?do=findComment&comment=116586 Clover-Kernel_Patches_Quirks.plist.zip
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