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Command-line con relative funzioni che possono essere visualizzate usando come "argomento" -h oppure --help


/Users/'user'/../DCHT [Options]


	DCHT -h, --help
		Show this message.

 ----------------------------- ACIDANTHERA --------------------------------
	DCHT Default (No options).
		Download Release Version.

	DCHT -dbg
		Download Debug Version.

	DCHT 	-sv, --showversion
		Show Latest Available Version.

	DCHT -dloc, --download-oc
		Download OpenCore Latest version.

	DCHT -loc, -log--opencore
		Show OpenCore Boot log.

	DCHT -ocver, -opencore--version
		Show My OpenCore Version.

	DCHT -d, -download <kext name>
		Download single kext.

	DCHT -ocem, -oc--efimaker
		Make OC EFI's folder with latest kexts.

	DCHT -ocbd or -oc--bindata
		Download OC OcBinaryData (Gui).

 ----------------------------- CLOVER -------------------------------------
	DCHT -dlclover, --downloadclover
		Show Clover Latest Version and Download.

	DCHT -dlcloveriso, --downloadclover-iso
		Show Clover Latest Version and Download.

	DCHT -dlcapp, --download-cloverapp
		Show Clover Latest Version and Download.

	DCHT -dsfakesmc or --download-sfakesmc
		Show Slice FakeSMC Latest Version and Download.

	DCHT -lcl or -log--clover
		Show Clover Boot log.

	DCHT -clver, -clover--version
		Show My Clover Version.

 ----------------------------- EXTRAS -------------------------------------
	DCHT -dlped,--download-plistedplus
		Show PliestEDplus Latest Version and Downloads.

	DCHT -dlpb, -latest--prebuild
		Show and Download latest pre-compiled master commits.

	DCHT -pm, --powermanagement
		Check Power Management.

	DCHT -info, --files
		It lists all supported items

	DCHT -uf, -user--friendly
		Use menù choice.
		Note:added a lot of functions



Può essere collocato per comodità in /usr/local/bin

Può essere usato semplicemente richiamandolo con DCHT <opzione>

oppure trasportandolo direttamente sul terminale, spazio, e poi <opzione>


Eseguito di default scarica files acidanthera Release

What's New in Version 1.2.6   See changelog


  • Aggiunto supporto per ECEnabler.kext, download disponibile con ./DCHT -d ECEnabler oppure dal menù ./DCHT -uf





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