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WhateverGreen 1.4.0

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About This File

 Plugin Lilu che fornisce patch per selezionare GPU su macOS. Richiede Lilu 1.2.5 o successivo.


☑️ Boot Arguments --> boot-args


Boot arguments

  • -wegdbg to enable debug printing (available in DEBUG binaries).
  • -wegoff to disable WhateverGreen.
  • -wegbeta to enable WhateverGreen on unsupported os versions (10.15 and below are enabled by default).
  • -wegnoegpu to disable external GPU (or add disable-external-gpu property to IGPU).
  • -radvesa to disable ATI/AMD video acceleration completely.
  • -rad24 to enforce 24-bit display mode.
  • -raddvi to enable DVI transmitter correction (required for 290X, 370, etc.).
  • -radcodec to force the spoofed PID to be used in AMDRadeonVADriver
  • radpg=15 to disable several power-gating modes (see FAQ, required for Cape Verde GPUs).
  • agdpmod=vit9696 disables check for board-id (or add agdpmod property to external GPU).
  • agdpmod=pikera replaces board-id with board-ix
  • agdpmod=ignore disables AGDP patches (vit9696,pikera value is implicit default for external GPUs)
  • ngfxgl=1 boot argument (and disable-metal property) to disable Metal support on NVIDIA
  • ngfxcompat=1 boot argument (and force-compat property) to ignore compatibility check in NVDAStartupWeb
  • ngfxsubmit=0 boot argument (and disable-gfx-submit property) to disable interface stuttering fix on 10.13
  • gfxrst=1 to prefer drawing Apple logo at 2nd boot stage instead of framebuffer copying.
  • gfxrst=4 to disable framebuffer init interaction during 2nd boot stage.
  • igfxframe=frame to inject a dedicated framebuffer identifier into IGPU (only for TESTING purposes).
  • igfxsnb=0 to disable IntelAccelerator name fix for Sandy Bridge CPUs.
  • igfxgl=0 boot argument (and disable-metal property) to disable Metal support on Intel.
  • igfxpavp=1 boot argument (and igfxpavp property) to force enable PAVP output
  • igfxfw=2 boot argument (and igfxfw property) to force loading of Apple GuC firmware
  • -igfxnohdmi to disable DP to HDMI conversion patches for digital sound.
  • -cdfon (and enable-hdmi20 property) to enable HDMI 2.0 patches.
  • -igfxdump to dump IGPU framebuffer kext to /var/log/AppleIntelFramebuffer_X_Y (available in DEBUG binaries).
  • -igfxfbdump to dump native and patched framebuffer table to ioreg at IOService:/IOResources/WhateverGreen
  • igfxcflbklt=1 boot argument (and enable-cfl-backlight-fix property) to enable CFL backlight patch
  • applbkl=0 boot argument (and applbkl property) to disable AppleBacklight.kext patches for IGPU. In case of custom AppleBacklight profile- read here.
  • -igfxmlr boot argument (and enable-dpcd-max-link-rate-fix property) to apply the maximum link rate fix.
  • -igfxhdmidivs boot argument (and enable-hdmi-dividers-fix property) to fix the infinite loop on establishing Intel HDMI connections with a higher pixel clock rate on SKL, KBL and CFL platforms.
  • -igfxlspcon boot argument (and enable-lspcon-support property) to enable the driver support for onboard LSPCON chips. Read the manual
  • -igfxi2cdbg boot argument to enable verbose output in I2C-over-AUX transactions (only for debugging purposes).
  • igfxagdc=0 boot argument (disable-agdc device property) to disable AGDC.
  • igfxfcms=1 boot argument (complete-modeset device property) to force complete modeset on Skylake or Apple firmwares.
  • igfxfcmsfbs= boot argument (complete-modeset-framebuffers device property) to specify indices of connectors for which complete modeset must be enforced. Each index is a byte in a 64-bit word; for example, value 0x010203 specifies connectors 1, 2, 3. If a connector is not in the list, the driver's logic is used to determine whether complete modeset is needed. Pass -1 to disable.
  • igfxonln=1 boot argument (force-online device property) to force online status on all displays.
  • igfxonlnfbs=MASK boot argument (force-online-framebuffers device property) to specify indices of connectors for which online tatus is enforced. Format is similar to igfxfcmsfbs.
  • wegtree=1 boot argument (rebuild-device-tree property) to force device renaming on Apple FW.




☑️ Shikigva=160 Shiki-Id=Mac-7BA5B2D9E42DDD94

What's New in Version 1.4.0   See changelog


WhateverGreen Changelog


Added 0x3EA6, 0x8A53, 0x9BC4, 0x9BC5, 0x9BC8 IGPU device-id

Fixed framebuffer-conX-alldata patching regression

Added disable-hdmi-patches device property alias to -igfxnohdmi




Team Acidanthera
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:nov:Per chi ha problemi di schermo nero dopo aggiornamento a Catalina 10.15.4 stable, usare LILU e WEG debug qui postati ed aggiungere nei boot-arguments del config


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